TRX – Week 4 disaster

This past week has been the worst so far.  The week before I wasn’t feeling well and skipped week 3 days 3 and 4 TRX – I figured I’d do them Saturday and Sunday, but I didn’t feel well at all (I think it was mostly exhaustion).  I then flew to Austin on Monday morning for work.  From the time I landed until yesterday morning was a marathon of continuous eating.  Everytime I turned around I was being told I needed to take someone else to lunch or dinner.  I did TRX Monday evening hooked to a door.  The first week I started TRX, I did TRX with a door, but not since.  There are some TRX exercises you can’t do with a door – however, Monday I was able to complete W4D1.  Tuesday, I was not able to do most of the exercises due to their requirement of swinging etc.  Then Wednesday I spent 5 hours at a restaurant (not eating the whole time but “visiting”) – we got back to the hotel so late I was too tired to TRX so I mailed everything home Thursday morning b/c I figured I wouldn’t workout Thursday night – something from work would come up and ruin that.

On top of all of that, we didn’t once go to a place where I could order just meat.  I was very disappointed – and next time I travel I’ll figure out a way to plan meals and not eat the crap that’s everywhere else.  I didn’t plan that I was going to be forced to go eat everywhere.

I haven’t weighed myself this morning – I’m going to wait until Monday morning to see what I can recover.

Not all of this week was bad – The good news is that I wasn’t squished into the plane seat – so I have been losing more size (I’ll find out tomorrow when I tape).

So, This next week I’m going to make up W3D3, W3D4, W4D2, W4D3, W4D4 – then break and start week 5 the next week.  So the TRX 12 weeks will become 13.

Also this week I’m going to make absolutely sure I do my 6 miles of walking daily.

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