TRX – W3D3 (nope that’s correct)

Because of the horrific last week of travel and that I missed 2 days of W3 I decided to do the two from W3 and the three from W4 this week.  At the end of the 12 (now 13) weeks I’ll do W1D4.

Maybe the last week off was what my body needed.  I did today’s workout and nearly hit muscle failure a few times – to me that’s good and bad news.  The good news is that my body rested, the bad news is that my body rested and now hates me.

Most of the exercises were easier than they were the last time I did them.  I managed to still score 3 pull-ups (the TRX way – not a “real” pull-up).

My diet today was fantastic except for water – and I’m feeling that little water day.

At this point I’ve managed to hit 1430 calories, 6g carbs, 87g fat, 152g protein, 1020 sodium, and 3g sugar.  That’s fantastic!  If I can keep that going through Thursday or Friday I should hit ketogenesis.

I need to absolutely make sure that I increase my water intake – I’ve had 2 glasses today (not including what I’ve mixed with protein powder.

On a side note: yesterday I did manage to get in just under 40 minutes of biking.  Today the rain was pretty rough, hopefully it’ll be clear in the morning and evening to get in 6 miles total.

I almost gave up tonight during the workout b/c I was so tired and my muscles were so not helping.  I did not, I completed the TRX workout.  Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to get back up instead of sleeping on the floor, but I did it.

I also measured myself yesterday and hadn’t gained any size.  I need to go back and reread my goals to make sure I’m going to keep them.

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