TRX – W4 part deux – And Father’s Day

This week was mostly recovering from the crappy travel week.  This week has sucked, but not as much as the week traveling.

After 5 days I finally got back down to my weight before I left.  I’ve felt like I mostly wasted the last two weeks working out.  The week in Austin was a flat bust.  This last week I was able to get in some TRX workouts (so not bad), but I feel like I’ve still not fully recovered from Austin – idk how to explain it, but I feel like my body hasn’t gotten rid of everything that I acquired in Austin.  I have eaten fairly well this week, but not great.

Yesterday, before the epic bike wreck (luckily I didn’t damage my mountain bike with the “ride” off the embankment), I found a cheap Schwinn for my indoor trainer at a garage sale.

This week, with Missy traveling for her job, I’ll be eating exactly what I need to to “fix” my body.  I’ll also be spending an hour morning and night riding on the magtrainer then an hour at lunch hugging my TRX.

I should’ve made more progress with my weight by now and that’s a little frustrating, but I know that’s mostly b/c I’ve not gotten in the workouts I’ve needed.

I did TRX W4D2, mostly.  I need to do the last part of it – earlier this week I was so week and “toxic” – I don’t know any other word for it, but my body felt like it was buzzing all of the time and my body just didn’t feel right.

Tomorrow, I’ll do the last part of W4D2 and all of W4D3 or W4D4 – I’m going to split the workouts up into segments.  I’ll do W4D2 in the morning then W4D3/4 at noon.  W4D3 seems like a waste, but I may do that instead of W4D4, idk yet.  In any case, I’ll have to give more thought to breaking up the other workouts.  I like to do the workouts back-to-back (meaning each of the three sections all in one workout), however, I’m toying with breaking them up into three sections that are done through the day.  I don’t know how this would affect the actual workout.  E.g. will the workout impact be lessened by splitting them up – are they designed to work x muscles first so that when you get down the list you’re using y muscles next?  idk, I may have to do some research on it.  I would think that doing all of the exercises split or together would be better than nothing – but idk, I’ll play it by ear.

My oldest daughter made me a Sour Cream Peach Pie – it was delicious!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads!

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