Grocery List for W1J1-J7

I thought I’d post the grocery list for this week.  If anything is needed (we run out of the veggies/fruits) then I’ll add that to the total.

The total price was:126.03 and that’s for 2 people for 75-80% of one week of juicing.

4 bags of spinach
5 bags of carrots
5 bags of kale (1/2 bag is approximately 16 leaves in my approximation)
4 boxes of blueberries
20 cucumbers
2 bags of red apples (small – med)
4 bags of golden delicious apples (small-med)
5 bags of celery stalks
7 sweet potatoes
7 pears
5 beet root bunches (about 4-5 in a bunch)
1 bag of mini oranges

This purchase deviated from the plan slightly.  I didn’t want to buy a bunch of some items (like beets) if I didn’t like the taste.  We can always go back to the store if we run out.

The original list was this:
29 beets
137 carrots
104 apples
345 kale leaves
60 stalks of celery
7 sweet potatoes
14 pears
10.5 cups of blueberries
40 lemons
15 oranges
35 cucumbers
20 spinach handfuls

At the end of the week, I’ll post what we went through and the total cost for the two of us.  When it’s just me juicing the cost will go down a little bit unless I decide to drink both sets.  I’m not sure how that’s all going to work when I’ve got the fridge full of food… where’s everyone elses going to go?

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