Day 2 of juicing.  I’ve felt quite well – where my wife feels like she has the flu (headaches, joint pain, weakness).  I’ve had a headache ranging in intensity all day.  I can only assume that’s because my last Coke was about 7 Saturday night – and 48 hours later it wants to come back into my life.  I did daydream a little about bacon.  I’ve never been 48 hours as a vegetarian let alone vegan.

I found a vegan protein powder that comes close to my current whey protein powder.  I’m having it shipped so I can add 44g of protein to my current diet of juices (which is about 12 g of juices).

I have found after only 2 days that I am tired of washing the juicer.  I also cut the hole in the bottom of a tiny bowl and I put it around the top of the plunger entrance – this way I can dump a handful of kale in and plunge it and not get kale everywhere.

I juiced the servings of orange for tomorrow along with tonights orange for dessert.  I also juiced the green for lunch tomorrow.  So, tomorrow I just need to do our red and another green.

I’ve been slightly tired today, but not exhausted.  I woke up tired, but I think that’s all because I didn’t get as much sleep this weekend as I wanted.  I could use a nap, but I’m not exhausted.

Let’s go tomorrow.

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