W5J7 – W1D6 — W6D1 – W2D1

Day 35 no Coke!  As a reminder, for the last 35 days I’ve also only had juice that I’ve made, water, vegan protein shake, or BCAAs.  I’ve not ingested any other liquids.

I have had a lax week when it comes to food.  I forgot about the first few days hunger parts and this week (week 6) I’m not going to eat solid foods.  I’ve been lax the last few weeks in terms of what I’ll eat and I’ve been eating other solids like olives, cauliflower, etc.  I think it’s time for me to get back to all liquids (especially juice) where I felt better.

In the last 5 weeks, I’ve felt fantastic.  I have some occasional brain fog which I attribute to the fact that I’ve been hitting some insomnaic nights and am tired during the day.  I probably need a day to just sleep, but I have so much to do.

One of the big things I’ve noticed is my lack of ‘O’ in OCD.  When I was in Iraq I was diagnosed with OCD where my ‘O’ was 9, and ‘C’ was like a ‘6’ – then I started taking Zoloft and that dropped from ‘O’ to 4, and ‘C’ was like an ‘8’ – which was ok for me.  I needed to “just do stuff” and zoloft helped with that a lot.  I’ve noticed that juicing and veggies (and most notably lack of Coke) has given me more of a ‘C’ than the ‘O’ – I’m able to drop things a bit more easily in my brain and “just do stuff”.  An example of this was Thursday I decided I wanted to clean my office and organize it so when the shelving is built I’ll be able to put my collectibles on the shelves, have room to workout, work, have the projector set up, and the flight simulator I’m building.  I accomplished most of that.  Last weekend, I accomplished cleaning up the kids playroom (mostly by moving stuff into my office.  This weekend, I accomplished a large scale separation of boxes that I need to go through and throw stuff away and the collectibles.  The “trash” boxes are in the toy room stacked neatly.  My plan is to go through a box a night while my wife and I relax and watch TV – If I just do one (office) box a night I should be done in 4 weeks.  While none of that is related to juicing, it does provide some evidence of the juicing affecting my brain – for the better.

I just finished moving everything around in my office and the playroom so it’s much neater and now I can visualize what’s left to do.

weight: 273.6
neck: 16
thighs: 31.5

A slight increase in weight and size.  The sizes, I think, are up because I measured myself and didn’t have my wife measure me.  The weight increase is from a week of constipation.  I’m sure my actual weight is less than 269.  My weight this morning was 271.8.  I’ve probably got 2 pounds of water in me.

Of other note, yesterday I made some new parallettes.  The original ones I made were out of 3/4″ pvc pipe.  I didn’t break the pipe, but I did break one of the pvc elbows.  So these new ones are made out of 1 1/2″ pvc (following this tutorial: http://journal.crossfit.com/2003/09/really-cool-homemade-parallett.tpl).  I did not get end caps because that seems like a waste to me.  I can see where it would keep “bugs” from getting in, but I could do the same thing with some duct tape.

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