W6J2 – W2D2

Today’s workout came after 2 days of rest from a workout.  I lifted and moved boxes all this weekend, but I didn’t do an actual workout.  I felt the soreness in my triceps and my body seemed to have relaxed some.  My lower back still hurts.

I attempted a pullup before my workout (like I do before every workout).  I was able to lift myself slightly off the ground, but not high enough to do a chinup/pullup.  I then jumped up and did a hold for a few seconds.

I did 4 sets of Circuit A of the Pull Up Program and I timed it so I’d know how long the sets were taking.  They felt like they took an hour in the past, but my actual workouts all took only about 7-8 minutes a piece.

Squat Row                                           15 each
PullUp                                                   6 L1 each
Body Saw                                              8 L2 (sets 1-3) 8 L1 (set 4)
Low Row – Curl – Y Fly                      12 L2 each

By the 4th set of pullups I was able to pull myself up once as an actual level 1.  Before that it was an almost level 1 where I needed more help from my legs.

On the body saws I was able to do the L2 where my elbows were on the floor and feet in the TRX.  In the 4th set I started at L2, but my lower back finally couldn’t hold me up so I did them on the floor.  Once my back is stronger I’ll be able to do the L3s like I like.

set 1 (unknown)
set 2 – 7:24:02
set 3 – 7:10:05
set 4 – 7:52:48

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