W6J3 – W2D3

Today I tried a variation on my normal routine.  I made my juices for the day, had the first, then coconut water, then about 10-10:20 I decided to have the protein and amino acids.  Then at 12:20 I started my workout.  I noticed after the first workout I was about out of energy.  I then remembered that yesterday I had my juice before working out.  So tomorrow I’ll do about the same thing with protein and amino acids, then have the juice about 11:30.  That should give me enough energy to push through.

Today was the Day 2 workout – Feel Good Full Body TRX Workout (Lower).  I did 2 sets with some difficulty.

Again, before I started I attempted a regular pullup with bar – I pulled myself up about a half inch to an inch… so another foot and I’ll be to the top of my head.  I was able to hold myself up slightly longer than yesterday.

In between my two sets today I used the parallettes to push myself up and hold myself in a plank (with my heels on the floor).

I’m wondering if I should start off my day with 50 jumping jacks and 50 jump ropes and 3 sets of lifting and holding on the parallettes.  I’ll think of and come up with a routine I can do 2x a day or something simple I can do for a few minutes every hour; maybe some planks, push ups, reverse planks, and attempt to do some planches, or even some inverted pushups (like with the TRX).

Abducted Lunge (12-25 each leg) – 12 each leg both sets
Jumping Jacks (50) – 50 both sets
Lunge (12-25 each leg) – 12 each leg both sets
Jump Rope (50) – 50 both sets
Balance Lunge (12-25 each leg) – 12 each leg both sets

I didn’t time the first set, but the 2nd set took 7:54:36

I felt wiped after 12 each leg.  I’ll increase that over time.

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