W6J5 – W2D5

I have become increasingly obsessed with losing weight.  I should not – it’s just happening.  I’m getting stronger, which is good.  I’m getting smaller, which is good.  I’m not losing weight, still good.  My brain is telling me conditioned that losing weight is better.  Most of the time I’ll agree with that summation.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries I’ve been obsessed with weight since 1997 when the Army told me at 189 I was overweight and I needed to lose weight.  So 18 years later, what am I thinking?  Lose weight.

My goal for the year is to be able to do one single, solitary, pullup.  Nothing more.  My secondary goals are to be small enough to fit back into stormtrooper armor so I can troop as a TK again.  My terciary goal is to be able to do more bar work and planches etc.  That goal has got to be easier to accomplish when there isn’t a bowling ball (ok fine multiple bowling balls) on your belly button to keep you from being able to bend the ways you should to accomplish some things… like touching your toes (which I can do).

I am thinking that in addition to my current taping I’ll add caliper measurements as well.  That way I can add these to scoobys doc and see what’s happening from a fat loss perspective.  I mean, clearly, when I look down there is a difference in size.  As well, I’ve tried on shirts that are XL (I currently wear an XXL) and those XLs are barely tight.  My pants are falling off.  My underwear is falling off.  Taping measurements show these size losses.  So I’m clearly getting smaller.

Today’s workout:
chest press 12-25 – 12 both sets but a steep angle (almost a plank)
50 jumping jacks both sets
tricepts overhead 12-25 – 12 both sets.  steep like the chest press
50 jump ropes both sets
mid back row 12-25 – 12 both sets
biceps curl 12-25 – 12 both sets.

first set time 7 min
second set time 7:30 min

I went with half of what I did last week.  I didn’t feel the muscle tiredness I did last week.  I still felt like I got a good workout, but not an excellent one.  Next time I do any of these I’ll up the reps to 15-21 and see how that does.

Again, before my workout I attempted a pullup from three different hand positions.  I wasn’t able to lift 270 pounds.  I was able to hold the jump-and-hold for 5s without dropping.

I need to figure out a workout to do before and after work and something that emphasizes the pull up every hour.  Maybe 5 mins of pullup bar work or 5 mins of parallette work or evern 5 mins of inverted planks with the TRX.  I don’t know yet.  All three of those options sound really good to me.  I’d like to be able to hold myself up on the parallettes.  I also realize that may take some time because at 270 I have to build up that muscle strength and be able to lift me.

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