W6J6 – W2D6 — W6D7 – W2D7

I did not workout yesterday.  I chose, instead, to get some work done.  I wasn’t feeling like the workout was the best idea.  I knew I should, but I wanted to take the time away from working out for the time being – I was not feeling like I had enough energy.

I woke up this morning at 268.2 – which is fantastic.  I need to stick with just juice for the next 3 weeks.  It’s been 42 days since I’ve had a Coke and I don’t crave one.  I don’t even crave anything that I used to and I believe that’s because the juices satisfy any of those cravings.

I did severely crave a burger made of ground chuck, apple brats, cheese, and bacon all ground up together.

I am still fine tuning my hourly miniworkouts and what I want to do before and after work – however, I’m almost done.  As I stated yesterday, I want to come up with a 10 minute or so pre and post work workout.  Then I want some 2-5 minute workouts I can do every hour or so.  I did this last year when I would do planks or work on my pullups.

Today I’m going to do one or both of yesterday and todays workouts and see what I can do about the miniworkouts.

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