W9J3 – W5D3 (W3D0)

Today has been a very weird day.  I woke up this morning and weighed in at 264 (YAY!) and taped myself and lost some more size.

I started to workout and while doing my inverted pushups I developed a nosebleed so I stopped.  I then attempted to finish the workout I started and was too exhausted to continue.

My energy by the end of the day is completely used up.  I’m only getting about 900 calories and expending far more than that during my workouts.

I think for the next few weeks I’m going to switch up my routines.  I’m dropping TRX Force.  I could either do TRX Force or the other workouts I set up, but I can’t do all of them.  The other workouts get me going and I like them more than TRX Force.  I’d like to continue doing TRX Force, but I don’t know of any way to add energy without increasing the foods that I do eat.

So, until further notice I’m bringing back the Feel Good Full Body workout and the Pull Up Program workouts.  However, I’m swapping them.  MWF will be the Feel Good workouts and TTH will be the Pull Up Program.  I’ll also continue my preworkout workouts with pullups, inclined planks, handstand pushups, dips, jumpandhold, hinge, suspended crunches, mt climber, standing body crunch, and hanging leg raises.  I like all of those exercises much better and seem more adept at being able to accomplish the sets.

Here’s to a lighter tomorrow.  I have 2 days left (til Friday am) to reach 260 pounds (arbitrary goal – 261-262 will make me just as happy).  After that, I’ll figure out if I’m going to continue to juice or if I’m going to do smoothies or something else.

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