I officially quit juicing last week.  I did the full 60 days.

Saturday I weighed in for the last time during the juicing weeks.  My weight hit a low of 260.8.  I was ecstatic that was a good start to the rest of the work I need to do.  24+ pounds in 60ish days and more than 30 pounds in the last year (so far).  I celebrated with waffles and bacon for breakfast; then dinner was a quesadilla and some shrimp parmesan on penne pasta.

Today I begin week 6 of workouts.  I’m changing up my workouts a bit.  I want to see what I can do daily when I push myself.  While juicing I was running out of energy about half way through the longer 60-90 minute workouts so I’d get done with the 30-45 min workout and be exhausted.

Also starting today I’m adjusting my diet to not be so juice centric and instead focus on solids.  Mostly, that means instead of juicing 6x a day I’ll be eating many of the same solid foods to achieve the same goals.  Examples are eggs, bacon, and an apple for breakfast; midmorning apple and veggie protein with BCAAS; lunch swai and probably carrots; midafternoon apple and coconut water; and dinner swai or cod an ounce of cheese and a cup of baked cauliflower.

PullUp (1x)
Pullup 5x
incline plank 2x10s
incline press 8
dips 15
jump and hold 5x5s

Abs (1x)
hinge 15
suspended crunch 15
mtn climber 15
sanding body crunch 15
hanging leg raise 15

Feel Great Full Body Workout (Upper) 3x
Chest press 20-25
Jumping Jacks 50
Tricep press 20-25
Jump Rope 50
Mid back row 20-25
Biceps Curl (L3) 20-25

I took about 3 minutes between the upper body workouts and clocked in at 50 minutes today.  I still want to do a 2nd PullUp and Abs workout and then do 2-5 mins each of jump rope and jumping jacks.

I didn’t run out of energy today until the very end, but my arms feel like jello.  I know I would “like” to do a workout first thing in the morning in a fasted state, but I’m not sure I can get my body to comply with getting out of bed at 7.  We’ll have to see.  That would get my noon workout out of the way and free up that time to do a little extra workout or work on other stuff and not be stressed about not getting my workout done during work hours.  It would also free up time that I could meet others for an occasional lunch.

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