I was going to do measurements every week and then pictures every 2 weeks.  I have slacked off a bit in remembering.

I’ve been logging everything in myfitnesspal.  I’ve been eating quite well save yesterday morning and saturday night – they were my designated cheat meals.  I had a dr pepper sat night and donut holes on Sunday morning.  They didn’t taste good at all.

I’ve found eating the same things each day to be incredibly nice, again.  I loved juicing b/c it was so easy to do.  I knew what juice I was going to drink and when.  I like that structure when it comes to “dieting” as it is.  With BABD it’s the same thing.  I know what my bricks are.  I know when my bricks will be eaten.  I know when I’m working out.  I know everything about my day except for work.  That’s comforting to me.  I guess I don’t know everything about my day – there could be curve balls – specifically when it comes to food and workouts I know what’s going to happen and when and I don’t allow the distractions.  Saturday morning I went to Haley’s Hope (3rd or 4th year to troop that event) and took apples and almonds with me.  I didn’t make eggs and I didn’t take tuna.  When I got back from that event I had my next meal and still felt great.

I’ve been bicycling at least 4 days a week during my morning meeting.  My schedule says 5 days a week.  I always over schedule workouts and then get in about 1/3 of them.  Today at noon I’m hitting the Pull Up Program and Cize.  I’m looking forward to it.

Below are my measurement comparison.  If I had done one in the middle you would’ve seen a peak of weight up to 290.

27Jul15 17Aug15
weight 285 282
neck 16.25 16.25
chest 42.75 42
navel 50.75/49.25 47.5
hips 51.5 51.75
thigh 29.75 28.75
caliper chest 38 38
caliper abs 44 42
caliper thigh 40 36

So far, today’s workouts haven’t quite gone as planned – not bad, just not as planned.  The bike was ok – almost no pain in my butt from 30 min of riding.  The Pull Up Program – I couldn’t do more than one set and that set (along with the normal hour workout) took 30 minutes to do.  I also did the Pull Up Program with a 40 pound weight vest and I’m a little sorry I did.  My rep max was 15 squat rows.  I hit the end at 8 Y-Fly-to-Biceps-Curl-to-Low-Row reps and 6 body saws almost took me apart.  I was able to do 3 pull ups at level 0 – so a lot of leg use. (sit on the floor and pull up until my thighs kick in about parallel with the floor and finish the pull up.  I thought I was going to make a regular pull up – I was wrong.  I haven’t done Cize, yet.  that’ll be in a bit after my shoulders have quit telling me I was stupid.

I finished strong last night and felt great.  I also noticed that my brain is running at speed again.  That’s nice.  I’m glad it’s not just depressed on the couch.

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