You can see some good changes being made in my waist area.  I spent the whole weekend eating badly.  Tomorrow, I will rejoin eating correctly tomorrow.  I made some great progress on two applications today so I’m very happy.

Last week, I attempted to get in some heavy workout on Monday and screwed that up for the rest of the week.  This week, I’m just going to add the regular workouts without the weighted vest.  I AM going to add the weighted vest to my walks though.  So all day except when working out I’ll wear the vest.
Follow the PUP and FGFBWO and Cize every day at lunch; the hourly mini workouts; and the 30 minute bike ride on the phone callsl;and eat when and how I’m supposed to.  That’s all I need to do this week.
I have a plan to help my pull up workouts – I’m going to try a Y hold and use one arm to pull more horizontally than vertically and see how that goes.

27Jul15 17Aug15 23Aug15
weight 285 282 283
neck 16.25 16.25 16.5
chest 42.75 42 43
navel 50.75/49.25 47.5 47.5
hips 51.5 51.75 51.5
thigh 29.75 28.75 29.25
caliper chest 38 38 38
caliper abs 44 42 42
caliper thigh 40 36 38

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