I had an extremely crappy week.  Below is a repost I wrote in a support group of friends.

“I got tired of having these old Army shorts and using regular tshirts to workout in. The shorts were a bit too small (read: nuthuggers) when they used to be regular shorts (you know, back when I was 200 pounds lol). And I’ve ruined a bunch of tshirts bc I’ve worked out in them.
I bought 8 pairs of bcg mesh shorts (3XL) and 5 bcg moisture wicking shirts (XL) that I love to workout in b/c they’re comfortable. So, for the first time since Iraq I have dedicated workout clothes that fit correctly and I spent 78 bucks (that I barely had).
In other news, this week has sucked ass. I have managed to get one workout in and that was Monday morning. Monday afternoon I took a half day and drove Lucas to the other side of Tulsa for a BMX racing camp and drove back. Tuesday, I started a new project and was so exhausted I didn’t even attempt a workout then went to BMX racing that night. Yesterday, I didn’t get in my bike ride. I had changed into workout clothes and was adjusting my skates when I got a call that my dad broke his leg at the nursing home so I changed and rode down there another half day gone. I’ve not eaten how I wanted. I’ve not worked out the way I’ve wanted. This week has sucked. I’m getting ready to bake my skates (actually using a hair dryer) to make them fit a bit better. Then, I’m going downstairs for my scheduled workout.
This week, I’ve learned that I need to get all of my meals ready for the day either that day or the day before and make sure they’re available so if I need to run off then I can still take them with me – they’re pretty easy to do and don’t need to be refrigerated so I have no excuses. I also need to make sure that if I can’t do my workout as planned that I have a backup plan for a workout. For example, when Lucas was at the BMX camp on Monday I could’ve strung my TRX up to my car or something.
over the last 5 weeks, I have noticed that even riding the bike 30 minutes a day 5x a week has improved my brain function (not concentration, yet) – so my brain is more active than it was – not remembering more, nor concentration/focusing more, but very active.”
27Jul15 17Aug15 31Aug15
weight 285 282 287
neck 16.25 16.25 16.5
chest 42.75 42 42.25
navel 50.75/49.25 47.5 49.5/47.5
hips 51.5 51.75 52
thigh 29.75 28.75 29.5
caliper chest 38 38 40
caliper abs 44 42 42-44
caliper thigh 40 36 40

My current weight has gone up – and I’m going to tell you it’s for 1 reason and 1 reason only… I’ve not been eating correctly.  This last week I stuck to absolutely none of my times nor plans.  This week, I’m sticking to them all.
I recorded my first videos this morning.  One was me attempting a pull up; the second was a 15 min intro to what I’m doing and why.  I will have to store and catalog this footage so I can make sure to accomplish my goal.

Ok, today went ok – not great, just ok.  I managed to get in a ton of water today.  I ate the way I intended.  I got in my 1-5 minute workout every hour.  I had nothing left for my noon workouts and I didn’t get in a bike ride.  I’m disappointed by those last three.  So it’s 6pm – I’ve got 4 hours until I’m going to bed.  I got a ton of work done today so I have nothing left there.  That means that I can budget at least 1 hour for working out tonight – either jumping on a bike or the pull up program or whatever.  Let’s see how it goes.

I did nothing.  I was wiped out.

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