Yesterday was good-sucked.  The day, overall, was great.  The day, workingout, was shit.

I’ve decided not to delay the workout today.  I’m heading down to ride the bike while doing my professional development (I can read and watch example videos while I ride).  At noon, I’m punching the TRX in the face.

30 min bike ride while reading about AngularJS – check
TRX Feelgood Full Body Workout – check
Cize – check

Today was an fn good day!  I am having a dr pepper to celebrate – I know, ironic.

I learned one thing from Cize – I can’t dance; and to prove it I recorded the first 10 minutes… it was bad; so bad, in fact, that I started laughing during the workout.  Shaun-T makes it look easy; I make it look like it’s hard.  The workout was enjoyable though – the time flew by.

I feel accomplished today.  I completed a lot of workout.  I ate very well.  I’ve already showered.

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