Well today was f’crazy.  I ate well.  I had a pop tart and 2 dr peppers.  I have immense cravings.  I am a sugar addict.  I don’t want sugar to taste bad (if I go for hypnosis for it) – what I want is to just not crave it – oh and I had a quesadilla – which was more just a single burrito flour with cheese in it… so it’s loosely qualified as a quesadilla.

I didn’t sleep worth a shit last night – I have a sleep app called ‘sleep cycle’ which is wonderful and measures my sleep – I didn’t sleep until almost 2:45 this morning.  I was so tired today and just didn’t want to move.  I didn’t want to exercise – I barely wanted to stay awake.  I promised Lucas that we’d go ride the southern greenway in springfield over by “my old house” – the last time we rode that greenway was about 6 years ago – he was sooo tiny.  I wanted to just not do it and then do it Friday sometime when they come over for the day.  I sucked it up and Lucas and I spent an hour riding that greenway.  I was happy with it and felt great about it.  I’m glad I did it.  I wish I’d still done the TRX workout for the day and cize… however, I’m not too disappointed – I’m ok that I didn’t get them – I would’ve really liked to; in the future, I will be able to do them all without a problem and I’m ok with that.  The fact that I sucked it up and did what I needed to at the end is good.  Each time I workout means that’s one more day closer to craving workouts and not craving sugar.

I did also put together some checklists for the weeks and the calendar.  So I can keep my pages down on my desk clipboard and be able to track my reps, sets, circuits, etc.

I’m tired and my butt hurts from riding so much.

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